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Guerlain KISSKISS roselip

Lip balm

Guerlain KISS KISS Roselip is the first lip balm with a plumping and moisturizing effect endowed in a coquettish and discreet touch of color.

This range of lips takes its inspiration from the rose, a specie that stannedds out for its softness, exquisite aroma and essence of eternal femininity. All these attributes are reflected on this balm, as it has a silky texture and an exquisite floral halo.

The result captivates instannedtannedeously: our lips are filled and adopt fleshiness and juiciness thanks to the hydration with a very natural and sophisticated finish.

It is available in 6 different shades, all inspired by the colors of fresh roses and designed to satisfy the desires of each user.
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Main components:

· Jojoba oil and rose extract, that moisturize and provide comfort and elasticity to the lip.

· Rose petal oil, that firms and erases the wrinkles for a smooth and softened texture.

· Hyaluronic acid, responsible for redefining and providing volume to the lips.
Lip gloss can be used in any type of makeup. They provide softness and shine, favoring from the most natural to the most sophisticated look.

They can be applied alone or with the lippstick to provide a juicy touch.

Tip: apply lip gloss in the center of the lip for a visual effect of more volume.

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