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Orofluido OROFLUIDO original elixir

Hair straightening treatment - Shiny hair treatment - Hair styling product - Hair styling product

OROFLUID Original Elixir by Orofluid. A finishing oil that enhances the shine, softness and natural movement of the hair.

This product is the result of the exquisite blend of 3 natural oils (argan, linen and tangerine) and is suitable for the beautification and care of all types of hair.

It has incredible properties that vary depending on your application:

·On damp hair, it reduces drying time, provides volume and movement, and provides an intense and unequalled shine.

·On dry hair, it makes combing easier, controls frizz and provides softness, flexibility and shine.

It has an exquisite, fast-absorbing texture that doesn't clump hair or leave a sticky feel, and UV filters to protect hair from sun damage.
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This oil is made up of 3 oils of natural origin, all of which are softening, nourishing and brightening:

· Argan oil.

· Linseed oil.

· Cyperian oil.
This oil can be used for all hair types.

For greater effectiveness, we recommend the use of complementary products from the same treatment line.
It can be applied on wet or dry hair, always in a homogeneous way and with a gentle massage.

Orofluido - OROFLUIDO original elixir - Meningen

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