Revlon Make Up COLORSTAY 16-HOUR eye shadow

Eye shadow

Revlon Colorstay 16-HOUR Eye Shadow is a quartet of long-lasting shadows.

These four eyeshadows can be combined with each other to create the most sophisticated and trendy looks.

Its unique formula remains intact without losing color intensity for up to 16 hours thanks to Colorstay™ long-lasting technology. Its silky formula allows to blur them and integrate with other eyeshadows. Suitable to apply with a shadow brush or blending brush.

Ophthalmologically tested.
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Tips for an intense, attractive and beautiful look:

- To achieve a professional finish, use three different shades. Remember that they must be combined shades of the same range. Choose a main shade and, in accordance with it, a clearer one to illuminate and a darker one to intensify.

- Apply a pre-base to smooth and soften the eyelid and prevent the shadows from cracking.

- First, apply the main shadow on the mobile eyelid and spread it outwards with the help of a brush.

- Then, apply the darker tone to mark, define and intensify the look. Extend it to the outside of the eye.

- Finally, apply the clear shadow in the lacrimal and under the eyebrow. It will provide strategic points of light and you will look radiant.

Revlon Make Up - COLORSTAY 16-HOUR eye shadow - Meningen

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