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Shiseido MEN ADENOGEN hair energizing formula

Hair loss treatment

ADENOGEN Hair Energizing Formula by Shiseido Men is a revolutionary product created specifically to fight against male hair loss.

This hair lotion acts directly on the root of the hair, providing it with extra oxygen and improving microcirculation in order to strengthen it and drastically stop it from falling out.

This action is thanks to Adenosine, a highly effective active ingredient (94%) that helps to minimize, stop and prevent hair loss, and at the same time, gives strength, resistance and vitality to existing hair and/or weakened.

After its use the results are surprising. It not only prevents alopecia and activates hair growth, but also improves the hair's natural shine, promotes health, volume and density, and maintains proper scalp hygiene.
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This treatment owes its effectiveness to only one active ingredient:

· Adenosine, which acts directly on hair growth, preventing hair loss. This active ingredient is naturally found in DNA and is biocompatible, so the results obtained will be quick and definitive.

This product is fragrance free.
This treatment is indicated for users with hair loss and/or weakened hair fibres.
Use twice a day (morning and evening), apply about 20 drops directly to the scalp and massage until completely absorbed.

Hair must be completely dry before application.
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