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We are beauty

Our commitment to a more beautiful and sustainable world. We say yes to sustainable beauty!
We believe that the path to a full and conscious society, on a protected planet, is possible.
We are beauty is our project that brings together and values customers, employees and company commitment to achieve the same goal; a more beautiful world.
Sustainability Plan
We are… responsible We are CO2 neutral! In order to be responsible with our environment, we have calculated and offset our annual CO2e emissions so that the planet does not suffer the consequences of these emissions.
What do we do?
Sustainability Plan
Social Project
Social Project
We are… united We feel committed to various social and animal causes. Thanks to our passion and means, we work permanently with different NGOs in the social field through donations and making their causes visible.
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Company culture
We are… empowered Any great change must start from within. Our feeling of transformation to achieve a protected planet and a full society must be born from the depths of Perfume's Club and our employees.
Our values
Cultura de empresa

Our commitment

This is how we are and this is how we act. From the heart of Perfume's Club we have promoted changes in our way of thinking and understanding beauty, and therefore, our actions have changed, being responsible with our environment, society and with the entire team that makes up Perfume's Club.
Our sustainable box
You will receive your order in our Perfume's Club box made from 100% sustainable, recycled, recyclable and plastic-free materials. The seal is made of Kraft paper and non-toxic natural rubber adhesive and hydrocarbon resins. The protective padding is made from recycled paper from sustainable forests.

Totally eco-friendly and all recyclable in the cardboard container!
Green Beauty and 1% donation
This is a space on the website where you can find all the products and brands that in some way help our planet, such as sustainable, refillable, organic or vegan products, among other options.

In addition, 1% of the profit from these sales is used to reforest forests, save seas and generate clean air.
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Our most committed brands
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