Foundation makeup

Lancôme TEINT VISIONNAIRE is a makeup that unifies, corrects and diminishes the skin tone and its imperfections with a natural result.

Lancôme presents this 2 in 1 product with an infinite number of benefits:

· Full coverage concealer. The upper part of the packaging is a concealer with a creamy and flux texture that attenuates, minimizes and treats facial imperfections, such as spots, redness, pores and dark circles.

· Perfector fluid. This makeup base is enriched with luminous color pigments that provide softness, refinement and clarity to our skin day after day.

It also has protection factor (SPF20) against UV rays, free radicals and photoaging.

After use, our complexion will be fully embellished, perfected and smoothed.
Tussen de 26 en 35 jaar / Tussen de 36 en 50 jaar / Meer dan 50 jaar
SPF Bescherming
Gemiddeld (SPF 15 - SPF 25)
Alle Huidtypes
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Main ingredients:

· Vitamin CG, with antioxidant properties.
Tips for a correct application:

- Before applying the makeup base, the skin must be perfectly clean, toned and hydrated. It is also recommended to exfoliate it 2 or 3 times a week to eliminate impurities and dead cells, and to get a smoother and more uniform skin.

- Any makeup base application, whatever the application tool (sponge, brush, hands...) and its texture (liquid, compact, mousse...), must be made from the center of the face to the outside to achieve a tone perfectly homogeneous and without cuts.

- Apply the concealer on the area to be corrected, whatever the method of application (brush, sponge or fingertip), and spread it with gentle strokes. You will stimulate the microcirculation and the skin will adopt a healthy tone.

- If you are going to correct pimples, you should spread the product with a sponge in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria from the hands.

- Fix the product with a thin layer of powder.

Lancôme - TEINT VISIONNAIRE - Meningen

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