Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT LE TEINT fond de teint

Foundation makeup

TOUCHE ÉCLAT LE TEINT Fond de Teint by Yves Saint Laurent. A fluid makeup foundation that illuminates the face and enhances contours.

This base has a light fluid texture that adapts to all skin types, minimizing blemishes, such as redness, pimples and/or spots, and infusing skin with energy and vitality.

It has a medium coverage that adheres perfectly to the skin giving it an unalterable duration for long hours and a natural finish for 8 hours.

This anti-fatigue formula enhances the beauty of the skin, improves opacity and gives it a fresh and luminous appearance.

Its SPF22 factor keeps skin protected against sun damage, premature aging and cellular oxidation caused by free radicals.
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These are our tips for a smooth skin and long-lasting makeup:

- Before applying foundation, skin should be perfectly clean, toned and hydrated. We recommend exfoliating facial skin 2 or 3 times a week to eliminate impurities and dead cells, for a smoother and more uniform skin.

- Foundation, whatever the application tool (sponge, brush, hands ...) and its texture (liquid, compact, mousse ...) must be applied from the center of the face outwards, for a perfectly uniform and uninterrupted tone.

- Don't apply product on eyelids, to avoid making them greasy and making it easier to apply eyeshadow, eyeliners and / or mascara.

- Finally, apply a fine dusting of powder to set a matte finish which lasts for longer.

Yves Saint Laurent - TOUCHE ÉCLAT LE TEINT fond de teint - Meningen

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