Clinique DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT moisturizing cream

Face moisturizer

Clinique presents the third step of its world-known system: DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT Moisturizing Cream for dry skin and very dry skin that reinforces the natural moisture barrier of the skin and protects from external aggressions.

This rich cream moisturizes the skin giving a total sense of comfort. Its function is to protect the moisture barrier of the skin and balance its humidity levels by preserving them in optimal conditions, offering a perfectly moisturized, luminous and totally smoothed and unified skin. It also helps to diminish dryness lines.

It has an unctuous texture, but fast absorption. Dermatologically tested.
Tussen de 18 en 25 jaar / Tussen de 26 en 35 jaar
Hypoallergeen / Geurvrij
Its main active ingredients are:

· Sesamum Indicum, a natural humectant that helps skin moisturize

· Glycerin, moisturizer that prevents dehydration.

· Cucumis Sativus extract, with moisturising, depurative and emollient properties.
Suitable for 18-25-year-old women with dry or very dry skin.

It is recommended to follow the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System, however, it can also be used as daily moisturizing together with other Clinique products.
Apply day and night after cleansing and balancing the skin. Massage with circular options until completely absorbed.

Clinique - DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT moisturizing cream - Meningen

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