Moroccanoil LIGHT oil treatment for fine & light colored hair

Shiny hair treatment - Hair moisturizer treatment

LIGHT Treatment for Fine & colored Hair by Moroccanoil. A multi action treatment that softens and adds shine to colour-treated hair, especially in light blonde shades or sinkers, nourishing it from root to tip thanks to the incorporation of Argan Oil in its formula.

This hair oil can be used for conditioning, styling and even as a final finish for hair. It was the pioneer product in the treatments based on Argan Oil, and offers us an infinite number of benefits:

·Facilitates the creation of hairstyles.

·Increases the brightness.

·Detangles and softens.

·Accelerates drying time.

·Provides intense nutrition.

Its formula rich in antioxidants and vitamins is the perfect complement to ensure perfect hair health and provide beauty, strength and protection to the hair.
Its main ingredient is:

· Argan oil, rich in Vitamin E, helps to weturize and protect the hair.
This oil can be used for all hair types.

For greater effectiveness, we recommend the use of complementary products from the same treatment line.
Press 1 or 2 times on the applicator and apply the product to clean, dehumidified hair with a towel, in the middle and ends. Finish with the dryer, or let it dry naturally.

It can also be used on dry hair to prevent frizz and provide a soothing bath.

Moroccanoil - LIGHT oil treatment for fine & light colored hair - Meningen

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